Wacky and Weird Inventions at Annan Museum

Wacky and Weird Inventions at Annan Museum

Collector Maurice Collins takes us on a tour of his collection in a new exhibition at Annan Museum.

An 1880s clockwork burglar alarm, a lady’s skirt lifter from the same period, a 1910 boot warmer and a 1902 clockwork teasmade are just some of the bizarre, weird and unusual
manufactured devices and gadgets on show in this exhibition. Offering lots of reminiscence fun for adults and gadget enthusiasts, this exhibition also features quizzes and activities for families.

Collected by Maurice Collins, these fascinating objects are just part of his treasure trove of objects used in everyday life between the years of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the Festival of Britain in 1951. Maurice began collecting strange devices and inventions over 30 years ago when he took his teenage son to a rubbish dump near their home to go ‘bottle digging’. Since then he has amassed close to 1600 items. He is also the proud owner of two clockwork teas maids, a device to stop youngsters sucking their thumb, a mechanical envelope sealer and at least six self-pouring teapots.

Maurice even won Bid TV’s Best British Collector award. He is particularly fond of the
clockwork teasmade which, triggered by an alarm, sets off levers which strikes a match to light a burner, which heats a kettle to boil water, then tips up to pour out one’s tea.

Wacky, Weird, Eccentric and Ingenious Inventions will be at Annan Museum from now until 16 August. The museum is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 4pm and can be contacted by telephoning 01461 201384.

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