Coverage of the 2015 season of Annan's Riding of the Marches.

Annan's ROM principals swap horses for bikes

Annan's ROM principals swap horses for bikes

During the summer months riders go round the boundaries of Annan on horseback for the town’s annual Riding of the Marches tradition. On Sunday (30th August), however, riders used a different mode of transportation – the bicycle! Ex Cornet Steven Tinning, Cornet 2015 Kieran Hawrylkiw and Cornet’s Lass Alana Carruthers tell us more.


portrait of Fergus Waddell Fergus Waddell


portrait of Bill Jardine Bill Jardine

Connor Abba Mckinlay - Wednesday 2nd September 8:52pm

well look out i am going in for cornet

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